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Shape and bake

The trick is in the tower for these cookies

Hannah Edwards, a member of Shelby Energy Cooperative, shown below, cooks a lot. With five kids, ages 2 to 11, and a part-time job at her husband’s business, she keeps meals practical and people-friendly. “I stick to simple recipes,” she says. She plans meals a week ahead and knows what she’s making every night for dinner. 

But what Hannah really likes to do is bake. She looks at Pinterest a lot for ideas, and when it comes to pitch-in dinners or church

Photo: John Edwards

functions in her community around Trimble County, Hannah usually takes dessert. 

Inspired by the cookies served at Penn Station restaurant, Hannah hit Pinterest again looking for tips. She started with the Toll House recipe but subbed the Crisco her mother always used. And she likes Ghirardelli chocolate mini-chips for their flavor. Shaping the cookies before they bake is key. The finished cookie “will be crunchy around the edges, but soft in the center,” she says. Perfect. 

Hannah’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

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