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A World Of Energy

If we don�t get it from the news, we get it from the gas pump�what happens on the other side of the world affects how we use energy, and what we pay for it.

This summer Kentucky Living has been reporting on the energy policies of other countries that end up affecting our cost of electricity.

The Future of Electricity column this month describes the huge country of India and its efforts to bring electricity to its 1.2 billion people. Last month�s column focused on similar efforts in China, home to 1.3 billion.

That�s a group more than eight times the population of the United States. Their desire to raise their standard of living means more competition for the world�s resources, especially energy.

One of the lessons from studying these countries is that coal remains the dominant fuel for producing electricity. While China, India, and the United States put efforts into developing renewable energy, coal continues to make sense as a way to meet the increasing demand for electricity.

Next month, The Future of Electricity will return to this country with a series on the effect that proposed environmental rules will have on what we will be paying for electricity. But before that, I�ll mention the June column that started this summer series, about how electric co-ops are helping people around the world improve their quality of life by getting electricity. It�s a reminder of how important electricity is to all of us.

You can find any of those past columns by clicking Future of Electricity and typing �Future of Electricity� in the Submit box.

Top chef
We�re sad to have to say goodbye to our longtime cooking columnist Linda Allison-Lewis, who died of cancer in June. Linda faithfully brought us tastes from all over Kentucky in her column since May of 1995. In this month�s Chef�s Choice column, we offer a tribute by way of printing the recipe for her grandmother�s favorite cream cheese pound cake.

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