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Making the right decisions in a complex energy transition

I went through a very challenging time in my life. My parents both had illnesses at the same time, which made it difficult for them to make decisions. I was appointed by the court system to have the power to help them make necessary decisions on everything in their lives from medical care and finances to management of things that they owned.

I bet many of you reading this have faced a similar circumstance, where you became responsible for making the best decisions for a family member. This is often difficult as you decide the most basic things in life for someone whom you have admired and been friends with your whole life. I had to use my years of living with my parents to try my hardest to do what they would want me to do for them. That is a hard place to be, but I did my best.

My job at Kentucky Electric Cooperatives and the employees at your local electric cooperative often are doing something very similar. Here at the statewide offices, we have 26 electric cooperatives that are members of our association. It is my job to take the complex energy world and make it understandable to you and to elected officials and policymakers across the state and across the nation. 

The goal of every electric cooperative in Kentucky is the same: It is to provide you with reliable service that is safe and at the lowest possible cost. An electric cooperative is unique. It is our responsibility to understand the energy needs of the future while meeting the demands of today. This challenge must be met in a fast-changing world. 

I would like you to think about the many energy-related issues that we are balancing on your behalf right now.

How do we keep the power on with our current power plants and power lines while we transition to new sources of energy such as wind and solar?

How do we integrate the new and future electric vehicles that are being sold into the existing grid without compromising reliability and cost?

How do we help you use energy wisely and affordably to keep your family safe during hot summers and cold winters?

Electric cooperatives are unique, not-for-profit businesses, and we think about these issues every day. We want you to be energy aware and good energy stewards. This magazine provides the best information on what is impacting your electric bill and how you can use energy wisely. 

This month’s special Member’s Guide is packed with helpful information that you can use all year (and longer—so save it!), whether you have moved into the area recently as a new co-op member or whether you are a long-standing co-op member.

I took my job very seriously when representing my parents. I take this job of representing the state of Kentucky as an energy advocate just as seriously, and your local electric co-op will always be there to help you with your energy needs. Please do not hesitate to call their office when you have energy questions. 

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