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Annual meetings keep members informed 

I love to travel and in my role heading the association of all 26 electric cooperatives in Kentucky, I know and appreciate the countless communities served by co-ops. 

Throughout the spring and summer, I will be on the road to see local co-ops as they host annual meetings and member appreciation days. Annual meetings have taken many forms over the years, with each generation adapting to best connect with consumer-members. 

When co-ops first started in the 1930s and ’40s, annual meetings were not only a way to keep members informed of the co-op business model, but they were a spectacle. While members enjoyed food and entertainment, they were also introduced to the electric appliances that would improve their lives. 

Like those annual meetings, Kentucky Living exists to both effectively communicate important information about your co-op to all its consumer-members and support your co-op’s mission to improve the quality of life for the members it serves. 

And as annual meetings do, this publication aims to be not only informative, but entertaining and truly celebrate the energy of Kentucky. 

In addition to attending your local co-op’s annual meeting or member appreciation day, I encourage you to check out the many places and events featured in Kentucky Living’s April travel issue and let me know what you discover. We are proud to be an important partner of Kentucky’s tourism industry and are excited to highlight the great places to visit in our beautiful commonwealth. 

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