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Deep Thinking

Do you know why gasoline costs so much?

I don�t.

I can explain why electricity costs will rise in the next several years. But even though refined oil is just another form of energy, it raises its own complex issues that require research and thought.

And now we�re seeing higher food prices. I just returned from a conference of information specialists for businesses organized as cooperatives, many of who work for different kinds of agricultural co-ops. Even these authorities in food policy shook their heads in puzzlement over the suddenly soaring costs.

We�re living in very tricky times for citizens of a democracy. How can we be involved in policy decisions that affect our country when even experts disagree?

The answer is simple but hard to do. We need to know what we�re talking about.

That means using careful judgment in choosing credible sources of information, and thinking hard and deeply about what you learn from those sources.

Kentucky Living provides a way to keep up with electricity issues. Since it�s published by the electric co-ops of Kentucky, it can tap the top minds in the industry.

And since the magazine is published for the members of your local electric co-op, it has strong reasons for making sure you have the information you need for thinking deeply about your energy future.

Electric co-ops exist not to provide profits to shareholders, but to offer their members the best combination of reliable and affordable electricity. That makes electric co-ops uniquely strong advocates for electric consumers.

That�s why Kentucky Living regularly prints articles about energy policy and electricity technical developments, as well as ways to save money like you�ll find in the monthly Cut Your Utility Bills and Money Matters columns.

Another thing about a democracy is that you can�t stop with just thinking good thoughts. You also need to act.

As we ramp up to the political campaign season, elected officials will be especially focused on your concerns. In these days of confusing cost increases, our leaders also need to be thinking deeply about the best course of action. Let them know that you know what you�re talking about, and demand the same of them.

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