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Fun, The Future, And Foiling Energy Wasters

Doing the YMCA
Grayson Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation’s 60th annual meeting focused on ways to save electricity, money, and the environment. After the meeting was complete, cooperative members also wanted to have fun. Everyone relaxed by “doing the YMCA”—forming the letters with their arms while singing the iconic song by the Village People.

“The annual meeting is almost like a family reunion,” says Carol Hall Fraley, president and CEO. “A lot of people come every year. Jim Phillips with WGOH, for example, was here today and at the first-ever meeting, and one couple met at the annual meeting and count it as their anniversary.”

Daylight savings crime
Energy Hero Nikki Neutron has a problem. Dragonfly is teaching everyone to waste energy. How can our hero stop him? Nikki recruits a child from the audience to help him teach Dragonfly the importance of conserving energy. Performed by the Minnesota-based National Theatre for Children, the presentation is a powerful way to teach energy conservation as Pennyrile Electric found out this spring.

“Anytime we can get an educational message to young people about using energy more wisely, we want to be involved with it,” says Eston W. Glover Jr., president and CEO. “We’re interested in teaching children because they learn and also carry the message to adults.”

Future linemen
Through their Junior Lineman Program, linemen with the Hickman-Fulton Counties Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation go into area schools to explain what it takes to become a lineman and what the job is like. The children then receive stickers and yellow linemen hats, making them official junior linemen.

“If we get kids interested through our Junior Lineman Program, it is good for us and for their futures,” says Greg Grissom, manager. “The program makes a big impression in smaller communities.”

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