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Here comes the sun

Electric co-op employees provide a powerful source of work, often invisible rays

One of the highlights of my morning is seeing the sunrise. Every once in a while, I get very lucky as I drive to work and I see a beautiful formation of clouds with reflected light. On a recent crisp February morning, I was lucky to see the most beautiful sky filled with brilliant orange and yellow with a slight hint of pink.

I stopped my car to take a picture to send to my daughter. She and I say “good morning” and “I love you” by sending a text message of beautiful pictures. I hope that everyone stops at times to reach out to loved ones and let them know how you feel. You can tell them how much you care and appreciate them with a word, picture, or text.

Let me get back to the sunrise, however. I believe that a sunrise can be a nice metaphor for your electric cooperative. The source of a brilliant sunrise is the sun, of course, but many times there is only a hint of the sun on the horizon; other times you can’t even see it.

Other things that make for a great sunrise are the clouds, hillsides, and trees. The best mornings have the brilliant light reflecting off something. It is wonderful to see a bright beam of light coming through a bunch of trees on a crisp morning.

So, just how is a sunrise like your electric cooperative? First, there is an amazing source of power in the employees that are committed to making your community and electric service better. You don’t see the hard work that happens in the background, such as building new lines, implementing new systems, and educating politicians.

Your home is similar to those clouds for an electric cooperative employee. I take great pride when driving through the country and seeing the lights on in your home. That light tells me we are doing our job and the reflection brings me a strong feeling of accomplishment.

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