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Kentuckians love their state

Whether in Elizabethtown while working at Nolin RECC, in Flemingsburg during my days with Fleming-Mason Energy or in Louisville with Kentucky Electric Cooperatives, I’ve been fortunate to spend most of my career within a few hours’ drive of the most beautiful places in Kentucky. 

For more than a decade in my current role, I’ve gotten to support local electric cooperatives across the state and visit all of them more than a few times. Sharing those places with family, friends and readers of Kentucky Living is one of my favorite things. 

As you may know, each April we put together a travel issue that covers the state far and wide, and this year’s issue is no exception. We invite you to immerse yourselves in all things Kentucky. 

When you turn to page 32, you’ll find a sampling of things to see, places to stay, activities to do and food to try in each of six regions across the state. That’s 24 attractions in that one story alone! Not to mention the additional events and attractions showcased in our travel ads. 

Within this edition, you also can read about the Kentucky Wildlands Waterfall Trail, scope out a car show to attend this summer or even find a place to watch the 150th Kentucky Derby if you don’t have a ticket to Churchill Downs. 

As I’ve traveled across the commonwealth, one thing is consistent—the pride Kentuckians have in their hometowns and Kentucky as a whole.  

Former Kentucky Gov. A.B. “Happy” Chandler is credited with one of the most well-known quotes about our state: “I never met a Kentuckian who wasn’t either thinking about going home or actually going home.” 

Chandler was also a leader in the rural electrification movement. Elected in 1935, he pushed forward the state’s first rural electrification act, taking advantage of federal funds created through the New Deal.  

It makes sense to me that a governor who understood local pride so well would also champion the rural electrification movement. The ideas are two sides of the same coin. To this day, Kentucky’s electric cooperatives embody community pride while improving quality of life through safe, affordable and reliable electricity.  

This special travel issue of Kentucky Living is just one more example of the pride we take in co-op communities across the state. It’s packed with things to do and places to see, so mark your calendars and make your plans. I’m taking a few notes of my own.  

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