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Keyword Exclusive – Power Planning

Co-ops favor keeping it local

Electric cooperatives are key participants in the nation’s bulk power supply system as the owners, operators, and users of many networks of transmission lines in 47 states. More than 900 not-for-profit rural electric cooperatives provide safe, reliable, affordable electricity to meet the local needs of 42 million consumers.

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association recognizes that new transmission facilities must be built to support the growing demand for electricity and the development of both new renewable and fossil-fuel resources.

On behalf of all its members, NRECA advocates for transmission planning that is based on regional needs, and paid for by those who receive the benefits, rather than a broad national policy that spreads costs over all consumers.

Following is the NRECA membership policy resolution on transmission:

Electric cooperatives participate in transmission planning as transmission customers, transmission providers, and transmission owners. On behalf of all its members, NRECA advocates for regional transmission planning process that is “bottom-up.” NRECA also believes that the cost of transmission investment should be shared by utilities that will receive economic benefits.

Where we stand:
• New transmission is needed to support growing demand for electricity and the development of new renewable and fossil-fuel resources. Congress should support enhanced federal back-stop siting authority to ensure this new transmission gets built.

• Wholesale transmission service should be provided within a framework of regional planning and coordinated operations that do not compromise reliability and safety.

• Rural Americans should not be required to out-bid others for use of the system cooperatives build; access to the grid should occur under reasonable terms and conditions and be associated with reasonable compensation on a nondiscriminatory basis.


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