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Local Energy

The towns of Kentucky can teach a lot to state and national politicians and policy makers. Kentucky Living hopes to help send those lessons.

The magazine will look different next month, to more clearly share the wisdom and vitality in the everyday lives of our local communities.

It couldn�t come at a better time.

In Washington, D.C., officials are wrestling with concerns about reducing greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming.

The solution now being considered in the Senate penalizes Kentucky more than almost any other state.

In Kentucky, the state faces the need for more energy efficiency as prices rise, and appetites continue for electricity and a sustainable environment.

The October Kentucky Living will launch a redesign aimed at offering more of the energy information you need�from what you need to know in order to contact your elected officials about laws that could affect your electricity, to choosing insulation that will save money on your electric use.

The magazine makeover will also include more of your stories. Noted newspaper writer Byron Crawford will treat us to a new column called Cooperative Heroes, that will spotlight people who make a difference in their local electric co-op communities.

Another column, Co-Operations, will summarize community activities at electric co-ops around the state.

You will also find more chances to be a part of Kentucky Living, including sending in energy tips, recipes, favorite vacations, and home improvement projects.

You will still find your favorite features, like cover stories on the people and culture of Kentucky, the statewide calendar of events, Kids Page, and of course the back page where David Dick brings us The View From Plum Lick.

A slogan bringing that all together will appear on the cover: Celebrating the energy of your community.

The world should see the proud example of a powerful resource�your local energy.

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