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Save Money On Fuel

CARPOOL Sure, it may be a bit of a hassle, but the costs could easily outweigh the inconvenience. Discuss routes and daily trips with other family members, neighbors, or friends. Visit
to view others in your area that might be interested in ride sharing, or start your own program in your office or neighborhood. State workers can sign up to carpool with other state workers by going online to

WALK AND BIKE It’s summer time! Enjoy fresh air and reduce your carbon footprint by walking, jogging, or biking to nearby shops and stores. For more information, including recreational trails and bike routes, visit the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Web site,

BE LOYAL If you buy groceries or products at one store chain regularly, consider one that gives discounts on fuel. For example, there are various Kroger fuel program offers that give you 3, 10, or 20 cents off fuel with a Kroger card or earned points. For families who spend $2,000 a month, or earn 2,000 points, you could even score up to $2 off for the month earned (until September 30, 2012). Go to for details.

USE TECHNOLOGY Download AAA’s free app TripTik, which provides local information on gas stations, prices, maps, and directions directly to your mobile device. Also try the app GasBuddy, which locates nearby gas stations and their current fuel prices.

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