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Spotting Home-energy Leaks

When you have an electric co-op employee come to your home to perform an energy checkup, you may be surprised by the big red screen he or she sets up in the open frame of your home’s front door. Don’t be alarmed—it’s just a blower door.

Blower door tests are commonplace in energy evaluations offered by many co-ops because they uncover how much air leaks from your home. The “door” comes with a built-in fan and gauges that measure air pressure. The fan sucks air out of your house, lowering the pressure inside. In turn, higher pressure outdoor air will work its way through cracks.

While it’s important for your residence to remain well-ventilated, too much air exchange can lead to
higher electric bills.

Sometimes, a blower door test is used along with an infrared scan. Infrared scanning of a home’s interior, usually done in winter, allows an auditor to find where insulation may be needed.


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