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A co-op annual meeting is about ownership, energy, community…and fun

At different times of the year, there are events on the calendar that we all look forward to. For example, the first week of May brings us the Kentucky Derby. In August, the first day of school comes for the kids. November brings us the beginning of Christmas shopping. Memorial Day is the beginning of wonderful summer weather and lazy days by the pool. For electric cooperatives in Kentucky, this is the season representing the annual cooperative business annual meeting.

The annual meeting for your cooperative traces back to the beginning of the electric cooperative. There are three primary purposes for the local annual meeting. First, the meeting is the time when we elect our board members. One of the unique characteristics of a cooperative is the democratic control represented by the election of directors by the members. No other business model is as open and receptive to the needs of the members. The elected directors are local men and women that take the responsibility of oversight of the cooperative.

The second purpose of the annual meeting is to educate members about how the cooperative is doing. At these meetings, there will be a presentation on the financial condition of the cooperative. There will also be discussions about energy efficiency, safety, and political factors that influence your electric rates. In addition, there will be some guests that discuss big-picture items such as power supply and the future of energy.

The third purpose of the annual meeting is to have a little bit of fun. There will be music, food, and interaction between members and the local electric cooperative staff. The annual meeting is a chance to discuss issues and get to know each other a little better. Some annual meetings have car shows, some have safety demonstrations, and some have local entertainers, but all are committed to meeting our members.

I will be attending the annual meetings and look forward to seeing you. Remember the purpose of the meeting. Learn about your electric cooperative and have some fun.

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