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Experience Castle Farm restaurant at The Kentucky Castle 

THE IMPOSING WALLS AND TOWERS of The Kentucky Castle might capture guests’ attention, but it’s the farm-to-table restaurant, special events, farm experiences, unique accommodations and first-in-class service that keep them coming back. 

Located at 230 Pisgah Pike, Versailles, the Castle Farm restaurant at The Kentucky Castle is open daily for breakfast and lunch, 8:30 a.m.–1 p.m. Dinner hours are 5–8 p.m. Sunday–Thursday and 5–9 p.m. Friday–Saturday. Reservations are recommended: 

Led by Executive Chef Jason Ritchey, Castle Farm uses many products grown or raised on-site, including fresh vegetables, honey, eggs and meat. The restaurant also buys from other Kentucky producers, taking advantage of incentives through the Kentucky Proud program. “I’m very happy to say that we actually maxed out our Kentucky Proud rebate,” Chief Operating Officer Christie Eckerline says. “We got a special plaque and everything.” 

The restaurant’s menu changes four times each year, showing off seasonal fresh ingredients with a local flair. Spring dinner entrees might include Castle Farm-raised lamb, spring primavera, or seared king salmon with farro and sun-dried tomatoes. Winter options could include braised rabbit and dumplings, roasted woodland mushrooms, pan-seared red snapper or a locally raised pork chop served with hot barley salad. The breakfast and lunch menu offers fare like smoked brisket Benedict, roasted beet salad, pork carnitas hash, cast iron blueberry cornbread and much more. 

“What we want people to experience is high-quality food that tastes wonderful because it’s all coming from close to home,” Eckerline says. 

Castle Farm’s Blueberry Cornbread with Sorghum Butter

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