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Month In The Middle

February�s all business. We�re clearly back to work and school after that long-ago first-of-the-year break. Spring�s promise seems so forever away that we lob in a couple of lighthearted holidays to celebrate chocolate, cozy getaways, and a timid rodent.

(I confess that growing up in Minnesota I never understood Groundhog Day. Whether he saw his shadow or not, of course we were getting six more weeks of winter.)

Even the state legislature is at its most unsatisfying midpoint�not enough of it�s left for those whose blood gets circulating over the drama of democracy; too much for those whose blood boils at the political hubbub.

By February, high school seniors need to be well on the way to planning for life in June and beyond. But as this month�s cover story makes clear, higher education isn�t just for 18-year-olds anymore. People are increasingly revisiting school to help them into new careers, whether out of economic necessity, or to finally pursue their dream job.

So whether you�re a high school senior, a senior citizen, or in between, check out the Kentucky Living 2011 College Guide for a listing of every college and university in the state.

The focus on learning and careers continues with the announcement of scholarships presented by the group Women In Rural Electrification. And The Future of Electricity column profiles students preparing for careers in the energy industry.

A map to the bright spots
This month�s magazine also offers Kentucky-style ways to find the fun in February.

Bundle up and head out to Metropolis Lake State Nature Preserve in McCracken County. Dave Shuffett�s Great Outdoors column highlights the state agency that tracks Metropolis and other state nature preserves covering 25,000 acres.

The Worth the Trip column offers a solution to your search for original ideas for Valentine’s Day getaways around the state, from theatrical and orchestral performances to candy, snacks, and dining.

Or take tips from Byron Crawford, and use this betwixt and between month to look inward and explore writing�either by reading great authors, or expressing your own creativity.

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