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How Do I Keep Rabbits From Eating My Lilies??? Does…

Carrie Asked

How do I keep rabbits from eating my lilies??? Does dog hair really work? My lilies are starting to come up and I do not want these rabbits chomping on them.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Carrie: I cannot confirm or deny the use of dog hair to deter rabbits in the garden. There are many so-called remedies that are supposed to keep rabbits from munching on our plants. Essentially they make the rabbits think there is a predator in the area, or the foul smell of some products makes the rabbits turn the other way and look for food elsewhere. In my experience, the same deterents work for some gardeners and do not for others. It cannot hurt to try the dog hair and hopefully it will work. If it does not, visit your garden center and purchase either blood meal or a liquid spray specifically for repelling rabbits. Use these products as an invisible fence around your lilies and any other plants they like to feed on. Unfortunately, there is no foolproof remedy. Any product we use we have to continue to apply monthly or more often after a heavy rain. If nothing else works, a small fence around your lilies will certainly keep them at bay. It only needs to be 2-3 feet tall but burying it 6-12 inches will keep them from digging their way into the garden. Rabbits are creatures of habit and when they find a food source they will continue to come back for their next meal, so we have to make them think there is nothing good to eat in our gardens.

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