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I Have Quite A Few Euonymus Bushes In My Yard…

Roy Asked

I have quite a few euonymus bushes in my yard and almost all of them have small white insects (I believe) on the leaves. They are very thin (like hair) and only about 1/16″ long. What are they and what do I need to use to get rid of them.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Roy: You can bring a sample into the Plant Kingdom on Westport Road so we can look at it, but even without seeing it I feel confident that your euonymus has scale. This is such a common problem that when I hear scale I immediately think euonymus. They appear exactly as you have described and can really become a problem if not taken care of. Horticultural oil is effective but will likely take consecutive applications. Granular systemic would also be an option. This works internally through the root system of the plant. With extreme cases using both simultaneously is effective. Good air circulation will also help reduce the population. Prune out infested branches and this will not only remove some of the actual scale but will also allow for better air movement. These animals can overwinter so it is important to remove all plant litter from the area, otherwise it gives them ideal protection and they will multiply next season. For additional information on euonymus scale visit: This is available to home gardeners from our Kentucky Extension Service in collaboration with land grant universities.

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