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I Have Something Eating My Sedum Leaves And Stems. Can…

Gale Asked

I have something eating my sedum leaves and stems. Can you help?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Gale in Kentucky: It is always best to know what type of insect/animal you are dealing with before treating your plant. Different insects/animals require different products/avenues for treatment. For the most part sedums do not have many insect issues, but when plants become stressed or are not planted in optimal growing conditions they are more prone to problems. What does the damage look like? If there are actual bites on the plant or the plant has missing sections then you are dealing with a larger four-legged animal. According to a Missouri botanical garden, sedums are not favored by deer or rabbits but if they are hungry enough they will eat just about anything. Granular or liquid repellents should deter them. If the damage is more speckled then you should have someone take a look at a sample to identify the smaller insect. If your County Extension Office has an entomologist on staff this is your best bet, but the local garden centers should also have a horticulturist on staff that can help in terms of identification and treatment options. Slugs, mealybugs, aphids, and ants are all potential possibilities. Depending on what you are dealing with, treatment options include insecticidal soap or natural predators such as lady bugs if you have aphids.

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