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I Have Tried Every Thing In The Book To Get…

William Asked

I have tried every thing in the book to get rid of moles. Any suggestions?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, William: Are you certain it is moles you are dealing with? They can be destructive in the garden and in our lawns, but in some cases they are blamed for damage they have not caused. The good news is that if the culprits you are dealing with truly are moles, they are not going to be abundant in numbers. Usually there are only three to five per acre and only come together to breed. Depending on the size of land you are dealing with, it may be necessary to involve your neighbors as well. We very rarely see moles because they live their entire lives underground. They create a network of tunnels that are both shallow and deep, depending on the moisture and temperature of the soil. These solitary animals travel in constant search of food. They feed on earthworms, insects, and grubs. There are many home remedies for killing moles, but the most successful way of eliminating them from your property is trapping them. Set your traps only where you know the tunnels are currently being used, otherwise the chances of actually catching one is minimal. This time of year they should be feeding in shallow tunnels, so it is a good time to catch them. To find out where the active tunnels are, walk on the raised surface and watch for the next 24 hours for it to be disturbed. They are usually most active in the early morning and again in the early evening. For more specific information on different kinds of traps to eliminate moles here in Kentucky, visit

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