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I Just Repotted Some Indoor House Plants And Took Them…

Toni Asked

I just repotted some indoor house plants and took them in to my office. Two times now something has dug out the dirt. What could it be, and how can I stop it? This is really weird; I even have a candy dish on my desk and nothing is bothering it.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Toni in Pennsylvania: I agree, this is really weird! I have certainly heard of critters digging out plants in outdoor containers, but indoors this problem is usually associated with the family cat, so unless there is a cat in the office or a co-worker playing tricks on you, it sounds like there is some other culprit. You can try sprinkling black pepper or red pepper flakes on top of the soil. This usually works as a deterrent for squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks outside so it is worth a shot. This animal might not be bothering your candy but you might consider putting some nuts in a bowl to see if they get eaten; if so, a trap should be your next step or a phone call to an animal control service. Too bad you can’t put up a hidden camera to see what goes on in your office after you leave.

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