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Q My peace lily is drooping and sagging and looks like it’s about ready to die. Any suggestions? —William Logsdon

A Peace lilies, Spathiphyllum, are great houseplants. They are low maintenance and, when grown in adequate conditions, they provide long-lasting flowers. These tropical plants are native to the rainforests of South and Central America. They grow as an understory plant, receiving filtered light. Peace lilies thrive in high humidity and well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients. They are also beneficial in terms of purifying the air.

As far as the droopy foliage, this is likely due to lack of moisture. Peace lilies are notorious for letting us know when they are thirsty. Your watering routine will depend on the temperature and humidity of your home and will change with the seasons, but watering them every 10-14 days seems reasonable. Make sure that the soil is not wet before adding additional moisture. Also make sure that the excess water can freely drain out of the container. If you water and the foliage does not perk up, there may be an insect issue.

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