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How do I prune Coleus?

Kathy Asked

I purchased a coleus this year, green with burgundy like color running through the leaves and stems with purple flowers. It has gotten really tall and afraid a hard rain or storm will lay it down. Can I prune it back and how?
Thank you

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Kathy: Coleus is a great choice to add to the summer garden. They provide bold and interesting color as well as texture to the landscape. With a wide range of size, shape and color options it can be hard to decide. Thankfully there are options for both the sun and the shade. Depending on the variety, coleus can grow upwards of 3 feet tall. Although they are quite sturdy, they can become leggy in appearance and will benefit from being cut back. Remove the growth just above a node where two leaves are growing from the stem. This can be done with your fingers or a pair of gardening scissors. Pinching back your coleus will encourage a fuller, more dense plant. They recover very quickly so don’t be worried about taking too much off. I love to use coleus in my cut flower arrangements. They root quickly and can be potted up or enjoyed in a vase for several weeks. I hope this is helpful.

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