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Dipladenias in winter

Joanne Asked

My friend gave me a dipladenia. I live in zone 5 and want to know how to winter this plant inside for the winter?
Thank you,
Joanne Graham

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Joanne: What a lovely gift! Dipladenias are considered a tropical plant for those of us not gardening in hardiness zones 10 or 11. They can be overwintered indoors with some success. A south-facing window or any space that receives bright light is ideal. As the plant acclimates to the new environment, moisture and nutrient levels should be reduced. Keep the soil on the dry side during this time. The plant will not likely bloom indoors but the goal is to keep it alive so it can be taken outdoors next spring. After the frost-free date passes, it is safe to move outdoors. A shady location is best at first while it acclimates to the new environment. Adjust your watering routine at this point and add nutrients to encourage growth. Gradually acclimate to the full sun for another growing season. Hopefully full of blooms!

Angie Oakley

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