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My Willow Tree Has Turned Brown. Where Can I Find…

Willa Asked

My willow tree has turned brown. Where can I find pictures of willow trees with bacterial blight?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Willa: Willows (Salix) can be susceptible to bacterial twig blight. The good news is that in most cases it is not detrimental to the tree. This fungal problem is more common on trees that are stressed and on the decline. It is also more prevalent during wet seasons, which we have had so far this year. You will first notice defoliation or scorched looking foliage on new growth and then the actual twig becomes infected. These twigs should be pruned out and destroyed. Make sure to clean your pruners before and after use to prevent disease spread. It is always best to have the problem identified so you know what you are dealing with and the best way to prevent or treat the problem. Online the most reliable sites to look at are universities or Extension Web sites. For a positive identification take a sample to your County Extension Service. The Montgomery Extension Service is located at 1030 Cumberland Heights Road in Clarksville. The phone number is (931) 648-5725. The following like is a Web site that has pictures of
bacterial blight on willow trees

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