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My Class Has Been Working At Our Local Greenhouse An…

Samanatha Asked

My class has been working at our local greenhouse an I’m in charge of the flowers that we will sell. I was wondering if I could get a list of flowers (and the info about those flowers) that are annuals and can grow in Maysville, Kentucky.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Samantha in Kentucky: What a wonderful project you are involved in and a great way to get kids playing in the dirt! Annuals are separated into two different categories: sun and shade. Some of the most popular sun-loving annuals are petunias, lantana, verbena, salvia, pentas, and zinnias. Some common shade-loving annuals are impatiens, torrenia, caladium, and coleus. These are just a small fraction of the annuals that we grow in Kentucky. The list is entirely too long for me to just rattle off names and detailed information about growing them, but the Cooperative Extension Service is a great resource for home gardeners and they provide publications on many different gardening topics such as annuals for Kentucky gardeners. For more detailed information on which annuals to grow and details on how to propagate them, you can visit the following links:

You can also contact the horticulture agent at the Mason County Extension office for copies of these publications. Their Web site is
or you can reach them at (606) 564-6808.

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