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Moving a clematis

Janice Asked

When is the best time to move a clematis or can they be moved?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Janice: Clematis can be transplanted and spring is a good time to do so. The next opportunity will be later this fall. It is a good idea to prepare the new home before digging up the existing vine. You may need to adjust the size once the vine is dug up but reducing stress is key to a successful transplant. The faster it goes back in the ground, the better. Choose a full sun location and provide shade for the roots with mulch and/or groundcovers. Once you have decided on a location and prepared the new home, cut the clematis back to about a foot. Use a sharp spade and work your way around the plant keeping as many roots intact as possible. Clematis are deep-rooted so keep this in mind when digging. Immediately plant and backfill with nutrient-rich soil. Treat like any new addition to the garden. Provide extra moisture when needed. Flowering may not be prolific this year as the vine is using energy to establish a strong root system.

Angie Oakley

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