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Need help finding plants for new flower garden

William R Asked

I am developing a 25-acre park behind Spencer Christian Church. I need some help finding various plants for the flower garden. such as snowflake candytuft, snapdragons, lantana and beardtongue. This garden is to be enjoyed by a congregation of 650 people as well as our church school of 150 students. Any advice or help will be appreciated.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, William: Starting a new garden of any size comes with a to-do list before planting can begin. Many things need to be considered including, soil type, available sunlight and budget. Existing plant material also needs to be taken into consideration. Have the soil tested and amended if necessary. The Spencer County Cooperative Extension Service will be a great resource. The offices are located at 100 Oak Tree Way in Taylorsville. The phone number is (502) 477-2217. The horticulture agent will be able to help in terms of getting your soil tested and providing publications that are relevant to what you’re creating.

This is a large project and I would suggest hiring a landscape designer if possible. Having the knowledge of a horticulturist and the visual of a drawn plan would definitely be beneficial. Since space will be an extension of your church and enjoyed by many, think about how to use it best. Ask for volunteers and plan to visit arboretums and botanical gardens to get inspired. With such a large space you have many options to consider: A children’s garden, a vegetable garden, a butterfly garden and/or a memorial garden. Get the church members involved and start small! Divide it into sections and think of each space as an individual garden. If you look at it as one space, it can be overwhelming. A well-designed garden will incorporate a combination of plants that provide interest during each season. Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are all part of a natural Kentucky landscape.

As with any garden, this will be an ongoing and ever-changing garden. Hopefully to be enjoyed by many generations. I hope this is helpful.


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