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How Do You Start A Lemon Tree From Seed?

Marissa Asked

How do you start a lemon tree from seed?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Marissa: Starting a lemon from seed is as simple as planting it in a good quality potting medium and watching it grow. If you are using seeds from a lemon you purchased from a grocery store or market, just be aware that the lemon you will grow from these seeds may not be the same lemon you purchased. They do not come true from seed. Plant the seed one-half inch deep and water it in. Do not allow the seeds to dry out or they will not germinate. They should be harvested, washed, and immediately planted. Make sure the container you plant them in allows for good drainage and place them in a warm space with bright light. They should germinate within a couple of weeks. It can take up to 15 years for the plant to produce any actual lemons, so if this is what you are after you may find it easier to purchase a lemon tree from your local garden center/nursery. These plants are grafted and only take up to five years to produce fruit. Lemons are considered a tropical for Kentucky gardeners so it would have to come indoors during the winter months.

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