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I Have A Branch Of A Weeping Cherry Tree. It…

Amy Asked

I have a branch of a weeping cherry tree. It is in water for now. I was wondering if I could leave it in the water to sprout–will it start to grow that way?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Amy: Some cultivars of cherries can be propagated by taking cuttings although it is not as easy as cutting off a branch and putting it in water. Depending on the cultivar of a cutting, either soft or hard wood can be rooted if done properly. Weeping cherries and all other weeping trees are typically grafted onto the rootstock of another close relative with a more desirable, stronger root system. Grafting is a technique that is used to join two different plants together to create one. This process is used when the root system of the desired plant does not root well or does not have an adequate root system in terms of hardiness. This method of propagation can be complicated, especially for the home gardener. Creating new plants is sometimes not as easy as we would like it to be. I am sorry I do not have more encouraging advice for you, but unfortunately placing a large branch of your weeping cherry in water is not the best way to create a new tree.

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