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I’m So Upset: My Moonflower Seeds Were Exposed After Planting…

Diane Asked

I’m so upset: my moonflower seeds were exposed after planting them. The wind knocked over my pots and some of the seeds came up out of the dirt. They were just starting to germinate, so I replanted them. Will they die from exposure after planting them?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Diane: Growing from seed can be very rewarding. In nature, seeds are dispersed by wind so do not worry about this damaging your seeds. As long as they are back in the soil and receive enough light and moisture they should be fine. Moonflower seeds germinate quickly and will put on new growth in no time. It does not matter if you grow them in a container or directly in the soil–as long as they are putting on growth and have a good root system they should be fine. You can transplant the ones in the containers into the soil once they have rooted out in the pot. Gently take them out of the container and plant them just as deep in the soil. Moonflowers are a tropical vine that are easy to grow and are not too picky about soil conditions. They are fast growers that produce large white, scented blooms that open during the evening hours. Make sure your new plants are receiving enough moisture and are exposed to full or part sun. Oh yes, and that they have something to climb on!

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