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Sowing grass seed in March 2020

Larry Asked

When is the best date to sow lawn grass seed in March 2020?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Larry: The time-frame for seeding cool-season grasses is quickly passing. According to the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, mid-February through mid-April is the second best opportunity we have for sowing tall fescue and other cool-season grasses. Ideally this is done from the mid- August through late-September. During this time, the cooler air/soil temperatures, moisture levels and lack of weed competition are most favorable in terms of germination rates and root establishment. Timing is just as important as choosing a grass that will do well in your area. As I have written to other readers…

Tall fescue does well throughout our state. Kentucky bluegrass does well in eastern and central Kentucky and warm-season, bermuda or zoysiagrass does well in western Kentucky. Choose a mixture that is recommended for your area and suitable for the available sunlight in your yard. You may want to contact your county Cooperative Extension Agent to ask about local recommendations. The Casey County agents are currently working remotely but are still available for questions at (606) 787-7384. Before seeding, it is important to loosen the soil and remove rocks and other debris that may be in the way. Be sure to follow recommended application rates for the seed that you purchase. After you have seeded remember to keep these areas moist for the next 2-3 weeks.

Sodding is another option although a more expensive one, it can be done all year long except during the winter and hot-dry summers. For more detailed information on choosing grass seed visit:

I hope this is helpful.

Angie Oakley

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