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I Have A Large Potted Tropical Plant That Has Grown…

Walter Asked

I have a large potted tropical plant that has grown too big to keep indoors. It has several long spear-shaped leaves with periodic white fragrant flowers in the middle. Where could I donate such a plant?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Walter in Kentucky: It sounds like you have a very happy plant! I am certain that someone would be very glad to take it off your hands. How to go about finding this individual is the tricky part. I would start with asking family and friends and if that does not get you anywhere, you can contact your local garden centers/nurseries: they may be able to donate it for you. They have a lot more contacts and hopefully they would have some local suggestions for you. Another option is to contact your County Cooperative Extension Service. The horticulture agent may be able to help or could put you in contact with Master Gardeners in your area. Surely someone has the space for this plant or can help find it a good home. You might try calling around to local restaurants or coffee houses to see if anyone is interested. Large office buildings, schools, or doctor offices may be worth contacting. There are a lot of nonprofit organizations that would surely be grateful to have a plant donated to them. I hope this gives you some ideas.

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