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I Have A Money Tree That Got Hit By Frost….

Patricia Asked

I have a money tree that got hit by frost. I let it stand for a couple months, then it looked like it was dead so I took it out of the pot. I found stems about the size of a nickel that look very healthy, so I got down until I had removed what looked brown, soft, and dead. Can I start my money tree from what is left and how?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Patricia in Minnesota: Pachira aquatica, commonly referred to as a money tree, are popular house plants for those of us not gardening in the tropics. These tropicals are native to wetland areas of both Central and South America and are hardy in gardening zones 9b-11. As you have found, they will not survive even a light frost. Temperatures in the lower 30s will be detrimental to this plant. They are not affected by many insect or disease issues and will tolerate full sun to part shade. They prefer moist soil but will grow happily in dryer situations as well. Money trees are considered low-maintenance plants but a low temperature is the one thing that will kill them. If your plant was going to put on any new growth it would have done so by now. Typically propagated by seed or cuttings, your plant has few options at this point, so I am sorry to say that it does not sound good for your money tree in terms of recovery. Sometimes it is just easier to cut your losses and purchase a new healthy plant.

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