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I Have A Yucca Plant, A Peace Lily, And A…

Cheri Asked

I have a yucca plant, a peace lily, and a palm that I brought inside over the winter. When would be the best time to take them back outside? They will be on a screened-in porch.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Cheri: Here in the Louisville area, our average frost-free date is May 10. This date indicates it is safe to take our tropical plants back outdoors to spend the warmer months. Of course, this can vary from year to year and Mother Nature is not always predictable, so watch the forecast and you may be able to put them out sooner. Keep in mind that whether or not these plants are sun- or shade-loving, they have been indoors for many months and are used to the indirect, low-light levels. When they go back outdoors, it is a good idea to gradually work them into the amount of direct sunlight they thrive in. This will prevent them from burning and gives them time to become acclimated to being back outside. Both the yucca and the palm will handle more light than the peace lily. Moisture levels will also need to be adjusted depending on the weather. This is also a good time to feed our tropical plants.

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