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Where Can I Purchase The Ixora Coccinea You Featured In…

Tracie Asked

Where can I purchase the Ixora coccinea you featured in the July 2011 issue? I’d like to buy locally if possible.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Tracy in Kentucky: The tropical that Shelly wrote about in the July 2011 article is certainly worth locating. Ixora coccinea, or Jungle geranium as it is commonly called, is a great addition to any sun-loving space in the garden or container. It is a tropical for those of us gardening in Kentucky, but can be over-wintered indoors during the colder months. As for finding this plant locally, you should start by visiting or calling your local garden centers. If this is not a plant they carry, you can always ask if they would be willing to special order it for you. This is sometimes easier for smaller, locally owned businesses since they do not have to order in such a large quantity. If they carry tropicals and have a source for the Ixora coccinea, I am sure they would be happy to get it in for you. It is still early for tropicals so it may be that they can still add it to their spring orders. I am not familiar with the garden centers in your area to recommend any. If you go this route and have no luck, or if you are making a road trip to Louisville, you can contact The Plant Kingdom (502-893-7333) and ask them to put one on hold for you. We are not in the business of shipping plants but have been known to do so under special circumstances.

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