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I Planted A Garden Last Year For The First Time….

Kim Asked

I planted a garden last year for the first time. Almost nothing produced. My corn was about 3 feet tall, the cantaloupe grew but produced no edible fruit, etc. I want to plant again this year but don’t know what the problem was. Maybe my soil?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Kim in Kentucky: Gardening can be very rewarding and just as frustrating. Considering that you had little success with any of the crops you planted, we can’t chaulk it up to a bad seed. It has to be environmentally related. So, let’s rule out the most obvious possibility: how much light does the vegetable garden receive? If it is any less than six hours then unfortunately no veggie or fruit is going to thrive in those conditions. They demand full sun and nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Did you add compost or any other amendment before you planted? If not, lack of nutrients could be another possibility. It would be a good idea to have your soil tested for nutrient levels and pH. This can be done through your Cooperative Extension Service. You can read more about having your soil tested in Fayette County at Of course, too much or too little water and lack of pollination could also be factors. Any plant that is stressed is going to be more susceptible to insect and disease issues. When vegetables and fruits are given sufficient light, food, and moisture, they should provide you with a bounty of produce. In your case, it may be a combination of different elements, but not knowing specifics about your garden it is hard to say.

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