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I Was Wondering Why I Can’t Get Much Fruit Off…

Stephen Asked

I was wondering why I can’t get much fruit off my plants? My tomatoes grow real well and have lots of blooms on them but don’t produce tomatoes. When they do, it is only a couple of them and they are small. Also, I have that problem with my romano green beans. Can you tell me why this is happening?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hello, Stephen: It will soon be time to plant our vegetables for this year’s growing season! Vegetable gardening can be very rewarding but also very frustrating if what we plant does not produce a good crop. Both tomatoes and beans should be planted in a space where they will receive at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. The soil should be rich in nutrients and well-drained. Good air circulation is important in preventing disease with these vegetables. There are a few possibilities why you are not getting much to eat off your plants. First, we always want to buy our seeds or plants from a reliable source. If you have planted the tomatoes and the beans in the same location in the garden year after year, you might consider moving them this year. Lack of pollination can also be an issue but one that you can help with a thin paint brush going from flower to flower just as any pollinator would. Mother Nature can also have an effect on vegetable production. When the temperatures rise above 85 degrees F tomatoes tend to stop producing fruit. Another possibility is blossom drop, which can occur when the weather is cool and wet as well as when it is hot and dry. Too much nitrogen fertilizer will also cause your plants to stop producing. Always follow recommended application rates on the label of your favorite fertilizer. These are just a few possible thoughts of why your plants have not done well in the past. It could be one factor or a combination of different circumstances. If you would like more information on growing vegetable in Kentucky, visit:

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