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Last Year I Grew Futsu And Cushaw (green/white Stripe) In…

Jon Asked

Last year I grew futsu and cushaw (green/white stripe) in close proximity to each other and collected the seeds. This year I have grown what seems to be a hybrid from the futsu seeds. Please comment with your opinion.

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Jon: Both ‘cushaw’ and ‘futsu’ are cultivars that belong to the Cucurbita mixta and moschata species respectively. As a general rule, squash will cross-pollinate with other squash if grown in close proximity to each other. So, yes, this would make sense that you now have a squash that has characteristics of both. It does not make them any less edible or decorative, but may make them less disease/insect resistant. Saving seeds of squash is not typically a recommended practice unless you just want to experiment. Squash has both male and female flowers on the same plant and are pollinated by bees. Hybrid squash do not usually come true from seed saved from the previous season. This is especially true in situations like yours where you have different plants growing in the same space. It is fun to be surprised! If your goal is to have the same fruit each season you are better off purchasing the plant or only growing one variety and then collecting your seed.

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