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Some Of The Leaves On My Veggies Are Turning Yellow…

Gina Asked

Some of the leaves on my veggies are turning yellow with brown spots–what could this be?

The Gardener’s Answer

Hi, Gina: Any vegetable that is not planted in ideal conditions is more likely to be stressed and therefore more likely to become diseased. What vegetables are you growing? Different plants are susceptible to different problems so it is hard to give you specifics, but yellow foliage with brown spots sounds like a bacterial/fungus problem. This problem is more prevalent during humid periods, especially if the plants are overcrowded and watered overhead. If this is only happening on the lower leaves, you will want to strip the plant of that foliage. This will prevent additional spores from splashing up and making contact with the plant. Consistent moisture is important and watering early in the morning is the best since it allows for the sunlight of the day to dry off the foliage. Keep in mind that it is somewhat normal as the foliage ages and if the percentage of infected leaves is less than 20 you should not be too concerned. Of course, good sanitation practices are important so removing any unhealthy foliage is necessary. If the entire plant is affected it may be too late to save them and should really be removed to prevent any future spread. For a positive diagnosis take a sample to your County Extension Service.

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