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A perennial Mother’s Day

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This year, give mom a plant to enjoy for years

What better way to spend a beautiful spring day like Mother’s Day than by giving the gift of perennial flowers? Perennial flowers by definition are herbaceous plants that have a life cycle that lasts more than two years. From a gardener’s perspective, this is good because you don’t have to physically plant them again each year and your investment will last for many years.

When selecting perennial flowers in the garden center they may not be as showy or as colorful as many of the annual flowers, but your gift will keep on living and giving in your mother’s, grandmother’s, or friend’s garden. So this time shop with your heart and not your eyes.

To help make your perennial flower selection easier, here are a few that bloom or flower for incredibly long periods.

Bergenia, Brunnera, Epimedium, hellebores, and Solomon’s seal don’t have giant flashy flowers, but their beauty is apparent yet gentle, peaceful, and welcome in a variety of garden spaces.

You can’t go wrong by selecting Caryopteris or Russian sage. These blue flowering perennials grow 3 feet or so tall and bloom most of the summer. They are also incredibly versatile and tough. These two are a favorite with most gardeners and all the pollinators such as bees. They are valuable and welcome as they support our essential tiny garden creatures.

If you prefer perennials that grow like groundcovers, perennial geraniums and Ceratostigma, or plumbago, are a perfect choice. Each has beautiful, almost flawless foliage that over time will fill small garden spaces. Sweet small flowers will cover the foliage, forming a sea of color.

For those who desire bold and bright flowers, choose one of the many varieties of astilbe, coreopsis, echinacea, or rudbeckia. These perennial flowers have strong growing habits and flower profusely, so even if you plant just one you won’t be disappointed. You may even decide to plant more. Happy Mother’s Day and happy spring to all who enjoy gardening.

Shelly Nold from May 2016 Issue

Photos: Shelly Nold

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