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Frequently asked questions about events that appear in Kentucky Living or on

1. How do I go about making sure Kentucky Living magazine is aware of events happening in Kentucky?

If you want Kentucky Living to highlight your event, always submit events online, to our Kentucky Living Events Calendar.

2. When can I submit an event to 

You can submit an event up to a year in advance. As soon as you know the date and time of your event, submit it here as soon as possible. The more notice we have of the event, the better chance for consideration for publishing in the magazine.

3. Do I have to submit a picture with your event submission?

Yes, it is required and can be uploaded when you fill out the submit an event form. A picture of the event from previous years will work or a logo related to the event will also work. Be sure it is a picture you have the rights to use or one you took yourself. Picture dimensions need to follow these parameters: MAX SIZE 1200X800 pixels and file can be no larger than 8 MB.

4. How can I update/delete an event once it is submitted to the the Kentucky Living Events Calendar?

If you need to update event information after you submit it, please send us a note at

5. When do I need to submit an event for it to be considered in time to be published in the Kentucky Living print magazine’s event listing?

For consideration of a FREE print listing in the magazine, submit events a minimum of two months (60 days) in advance. For example, by April 1 for the June issue. If you don’t submit two months ahead there is risk of it will not be picked up in time for the print listing. For highlighted events deadlines, see question 8 below. Again, the earlier you submit an event on, the better. 

6. What do I enter in the cost field if my event is free? 

If the event is free, type in 0. You can also leave that field blank if you do not need the cost to be shown at all.   

7. Will my contact details be published?

Yes, so be sure to fill out the contact details on the form with that in mind. If you do not want your personal phone number published, do not list it on the form; however, we do ask you to list a phone number that people can call should they have questions about your event.

8. How can my event be highlighted with a longer blurb and photo in Kentucky Living magazine on the opening page of the print Events Calendar?

If your event is submitted 90 days in advance, there is a possibility of it being highlighted on the opening page of our Events Calendar in the magazine. On that page, we typically feature four upcoming events with a photo. The writer works three full months out to choose and compose those events. Again, the earlier you submit an event on, the better. 


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