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A choice between love and the sea 

Books can take readers anywhere they want to go. Envisioning a different locale through a beloved character’s eyes is often the perfect escape. With spring and the possibility of spring break travel around the corner, perhaps a little journey to the sea is just the ticket. 

In A Heart Adrift, Kentucky native Laura Frantz takes readers to the autumn of 1755 in York, Virginia, a time when war was brewing and America had not yet claimed its independence. Social classes were distinct with lines not often blurred. Prominent women were to be good wives and mothers who, with help from the household staff, could graciously host anything from a tea party to a ball. And if a woman was, heaven forbid, still unmarried in her late 20s, she was labeled a spinster. 

Esmée Shaw, daughter of an admiral, has found herself in just such a position. Her future appeared set as romance once blossomed with Captain Henri Lennox 10 years prior. However, the loneliness caused by a father often away pushed her to ask Henri to choose between love and the sea. With all their plans cast overboard, Esmée learned to be content as the proprietor of her late mother’s chocolate shop and missionary to the local poor. 

When Henri returns to York and the island lighthouse he and Esmée dreamed of completing, the town is abuzz with speculation of romance rekindled. Though his body is ready for respite from ship life, his country may not be ready for him to drop anchor just yet, as he is needed for a strategic military mission. Tough decisions plague him as he once again must weigh his calling against what his heart is telling him. 

Esmée also faces an inner struggle against her wounded pride and social expectations as she considers a surprise opportunity that could change her path, but would mean sacrificing a life of adventure. Will she succumb to what makes sense, or will she call up a strength yet uncovered to follow a groundbreaking new road? 

A Heart Adrift is a moving story of love, regret, forgiveness and restoration that will prompt readers to look closely at their own lives’ hills and valleys and evaluate lessons learned from choices made or opportunities missed. It is a story of redemption and second chances—a reminder that detours often happen for a reason not obvious until looking back.

Author’s historical ties inspire her work 

A Heart Adrift, Revell Books, $16.99, can be found online and at all major booksellers. 

Laura Frantz is a Christy Award winner and author of more than a dozen novels. She is so passionate about the historical eras covered in her stories that she writes her manuscripts in longhand first. She is a direct descendant of George Hume, who was exiled to the American colonies for his role in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715, settled in Virginia and is credited with teaching George Washington surveying. She is also a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Connect with her at

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