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The hope of hearing: RESOURCES  


Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  

632 Versailles Rd., Frankfort  

(502) 573-2604, Toll Free (800) 372-2907, Videophone (502) 416-0607  

FB: Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  

KCDHH’s most popular program—Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)—began in 1995 and offers free specialized equipment, like captioned telephones, cell phones, etc., to the state’s deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind, and speech impaired population. KCDHH provides a resource library accessible in person or through the mail. Partnering with the Kentucky State Police, KCDHH is also providing communication visor cards to assist with communication between the police and deaf or hard of hearing person. 

Kentucky School for the Deaf 

303 South 2nd St., Danville  

(859) 239-7017  

FB: Kentucky School for the Deaf  

As part of the Statewide Educational Resource Center on Deafness, KSD also provides outreach supports to local school districts. These services include technical assistance, training, evaluation, and resources.  

The Hearing & Speech Center  

350 Henry Clay Blvd., Lexington  

(859) 268-4545  

FB: The Hearing & Speech Center  

The Hearing & Speech Center is also a listening and spoken language center providing interventions that teach children with hearing loss to listen and talk. For young children (ages 0-3) with hearing loss, they offer a free Tele-Talk & Teach program, available both in-person or via teletherapy. Plus, a free online hearing screening is available on their website.  

University of Kentucky  

UK Communication Disorders Academic Clinic: (859) 257-7918  

Communication Sciences and Disorders  

Charles T. Wethington Jr. Building, Room 124  

900 South Limestone, Lexington  

Phone: (859) 323-1100 Ext 80493  

FB: UK Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders  

UK HealthCare Audiology has comprehensive services for persons who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing on campus, at Turfland, and through a satellite office in Morehead. To improve communication through better hearing, call (859) 218-2177 or email For more information, read about their services here.  

Signs of Hearing Loss  

  • You can hear speech, but you can’t understand it.  
  • You think people are mumbling.  
  • You think your grandchildren speak too quickly.  
  • You have greater difficulty understanding conversation in background noise or a crowd.  
  • You need to turn up the volume of a television, iPhone, or radio.  
  • You withdraw from conversations and social situations.  
  • You ask for repetition or say “What?” frequently. 

Steps to take when you notice hearing loss in yourself or a loved one  

Regardless of whether you suspect hearing loss, everyone can screen their hearing with an online app such as the one available from the World Health Organization or other online hearing tests.  

If your results suggest you need additional testing, the next step is to consult with an audiologist or other hearing specialist who can test your hearing.  

If you notice a sudden hearing loss, you should consult with your physician immediately.

These are some resources suggested by the University of Kentucky:  

Hearing Loss Association of America– Kentucky Chapter has support groups available throughout Kentucky for people with hearing loss.

The Family Hearing Center at The Hearing & Speech Center (HSC) in Lexington provides comprehensive hearing healthcare to clients of all ages.

The Heuser Hearing Institute in Louisville uses comprehensive hearing evaluations to find the best hearing solution for you.

Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) – Program Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing: OVR provides vocational rehabilitation services to eligible individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to assist with entry or re-entry into employment and productivity in the workplace and community. To receive services, an individual must meet eligibility requirements  

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