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Uplifting stories of light and hope 

The only hobby Shelia Stovall enjoys more than reading books is writing them. As the director of the Allen County Public Library and a successful author, the Warren RECC consumer-member enjoys both pursuits. 

Stovall’s Weldon series, set in the fictional town of Weldon, Kentucky, is made up of uplifting stories. Every Window Filled with Light begins with Emma Baker, a library director herself, struggling with the unexpected loss of her husband two years prior. As the heir to a large Victorian home, she wants to fill the many empty rooms with love and laughter, something less likely to happen now that she is a widow. 

Emma learns that hearts can heal, family doesn’t have to be blood related and life moves on. Whether a handsome new pastor in town will have anything to do with Emma’s own journey through grief remains to be seen. 

Through it all, Emma counts on a steadfast group of friends to keep her going in the right direction. Her loyal housekeeper, Minnie, and her best friend, Casey, are the counterbalance to her mother, Virginia, a force to be reckoned with. Despite being tough on her daughter, Virginia finds a soft spot for the motley cast of characters wakening Emma’s broken heart to life again. 

Book two in the Weldon series, Every Day Filled with Hope, tells Casey’s story. Known and admired all over Weldon because of her former runway modeling career, Casey appears to have it all together. Her sense of style spills over into her fashion boutique, and she is always quick to volunteer a helping hand or a generous donation to those in need. Love seems to have escaped her, however, until she meets Daniel, a local police officer. 

As in many small towns, residents have some skeletons in the closet, and Casey and Daniel are no exception. While they serve those most in need, both struggle with the decision of how much to reveal to the other for fear of hijacking their future together. 

Writing characters who openly and honestly reveal their flaws is important to Stovall. On her blog, she explains, “When I’m writing, it’s like someone is telling me a story and I’m simply the one transcribing it. No one was more shocked than I to realize how broken Casey is in the story…. The characters God gives me are always deeply flawed, just like me, my family and my friends.” 

Award-winning country girl 

Shelia Stovall’s two-book Weldon series, Elk Lake Publishing, $14.99 and $15.99, can be purchased on Amazon. Every Window Filled with Light was recently awarded first place in the Contemporary Fiction category of the Angel Book Awards and was a 2022 Selah Awards finalist. 

Stovall has traveled to Africa as a missionary. Despite her world travels, she describes herself as a country girl “who relishes eating a bologna sandwich at a country store just as much as savoring an elegant meal in a posh restaurant.” She particularly enjoys spending time with her family and her three dogs. Connect with her at

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