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Berea Kids Eat feeds students during coronavirus pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to tighten its grip on the country, shutting businesses and forcing people to practice social distancing, there are signs of renewal and inspiration as spring arrives in Berea.

While the Berea Campus is nearly empty, except for a handful of students and employees, those that remain are working together with community members and rallying around priorities. One such priority is ensuring community members have food.

The Grow Appalachia Berea Kids Eat program normally provides food to youth during the summer months. In partnership with Berea College, the City of Berea, and Berea Community Schools, the program is providing meals to youth 18 and under in Berea and Madison County during the COVID-19 pandemic after schools closed early.

So while returning to business as usual may seem nowhere in sight, this community is proving to be responsive, adaptable and resilient.

The Grow Appalachia Berea Kids Eat program during this time runs Monday–Friday, 12 noon–2 p.m. at the Berea Community School at 1 Pirate Parkway, Berea.

Courtesy: Berea College

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