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Celebrating Energy

The promise on the cover of each Kentucky Living, “Celebrating the Energy of Your Community,” rings especially true this month.

It begins on the Letters page, with a couple of readers weighing in with
different views on the important and difficult topic of energy, the environment, and
climate change.

Just a few pages later, in the Commonwealths section, you can read about how one of our elected leaders is working to balance those issues. Kentucky Rep. Ed Whitfield, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, has moved another step forward with his proposal to modify Environmental Protection Agency rules on greenhouse gas emissions. With approval by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Whitfield continues to use his skills and knowledge to reach agreement on one of the toughest issues of our time.

Next is the On the Grid energy section, in this issue busting some energy myths, showing how to save money on security lighting, and reminding us that the extreme cold weather early this year meant all of us were using a lot more electricity to heat our homes.

Then on facing pages is a whole different kind of human energy. The Co-Operations column each month showcases the community activities of local, member-owned electric co-ops in Kentucky. Appropriately, right next to the Co-Operations column is the cover story on another community institution—rural volunteer firefighters. You can read about how they do more than douse fires and save lives, as though that isn’t enough. They hold fund-raisers, and they hold down other jobs. They are true local heroes.

Kentuckians thrive outside, so we have a special fondness for our yards and gardens. Every March Kentucky Living includes a focus on yards and gardens. This year’s features highlight Bob Hill, who has created breathtaking outdoor rooms that might give you ideas of your own; and the importance of honeybees to our gardens, and the keepers concerned about the future of this valuable part of our ecosystem.

This month’s travel and events section heads west for a tour of a special kind of Kentucky craftspeople—ham artisans who bring a unique approach to curing this traditional favorite.
That’s just a taste of what’s going on all over the state. Thank you for your part in creating energy in your community.

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