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Keyword Exclusive – More Job Hunting Tips

Supplement to Money Matters “Polishing Your Job Hunting Skills”

Job Hunting on the Web
Start with the big job boards, such as,, and Consider also industry-focused niche sites like (a pharmaceutical industry site) or (the electrical engineering association).

The best place to find work on the Web could be posting on a company’s own Web site. offers sophisticated career advice as well as regional profiles about jobs in various areas.

For a peek at median pay for jobs by title and area of the United States, visit

Resume Tips
The resume should list your four strongest relevant skills, abilities, or knowledge, plus past accomplishments that illustrate each. Include a referral from an employee of the target company, if possible.

Skip underlining or boldface, and use only symbols found on the keyboard—asterisks instead of bullets, for instance. Avoid orange or bright yellow paper, or going overboard with the colors available on your computer, says Pat Kendall, president of the National Resume Writers Association.

When you’ve finished the resume, have someone else read it for spelling errors and grammatical flaws.

Consider using a Web “blaster service” to shoot out your resume online; it’ll provide a list of employers who received it.

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