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Keyword Exclusive – Preparing A Powerful Résumé

Supplement to Money Matters “How to land a job”

For many job seekers, their résumé is the initial contact with a prospective employer, and its primary purpose is to get them to the next step—an interview.

The résumé should list your four strongest relevant skills, abilities, or knowledge, plus past accomplishments that illustrate each.

Describe accomplishments in a simple, powerful action statement that emphasizes results that benefited the employer.

Include a referral from an employee of the target company if possible, suggests resume guide author Yana Parker.

If your résumé results in an interview, dress appropriately and arrive on time. Listen to questions carefully and answer them directly.

Remember that an interview almost always ends with that dreaded query: “Any questions for us?” Be prepared.

Search for company press releases on new hires or marketing gimmicks to show that you’ve done your homework in learning about the firm.

To return to the February 2006 MONEY MATTERS column that goes with this supplement, click here: How to land a job.

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