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Locating Money For College

Hikes in tuition are not making it easy for students (and parents) to find the money necessary for college. Here are some ideas for taking on the burden of college tuition:

CONSIDER THE COLLEGE Review tuition costs of each school to which you apply, as costs can vary drastically, even within the same region. Identify all costs you may incur, including additional fees such as technology, books, and housing.

CONSIDER THE HOURS Many colleges bundle full-time tuition, making it less expensive than paying on a per class basis. Plan ahead to ensure you take only the necessary classes required to receive a degree in your chosen field. Additional (yet unnecessary classes) will cost you time and money.

CONSIDER BORROWING There are multiple sources for borrowing funds. To begin your search for federal funds, go online to Private lenders may also lend to students, though the interest rate and terms on these loans are usually not as favorable as federal aid.

CONSIDER GRANTS, SCHOLARSHIPS, WORK PROGRAMS Students sometimes get discouraged when it comes to these options, but used in conjunction with each other, or with loans, they offer additional help for your tuition problems. Search the Internet for these opportunities, and contact your school for university-specific opportunities.

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