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Seasons of the Bluegrass

Making vacation and travel plans invokes such a feeling of anticipation and excitement with decisions about where to go, what to see, and how far away to venture. Browsing through Jeff Rogers’ latest photography collection, however, will remind travelers that some of the most inviting places in the country are right here in Kentucky.

Rogers has bundled 236 pages of his beautiful color photographs into a must for every coffee table. Kentucky: Seasons of the Bluegrass (Rat Dog Publishing, $44.95, available at local bookstores or highlights Kentucky’s best, enticing visitors to come and see, and

Photo: Melissa Rogers

former residents to return home. From the famous, such as the sleek Corvette and the museum that chronicles its history, or Colonel Sanders and his tasty chicken, to the awe-inspiring natural wonders such as Red River Gorge or Land Between the Lakes, each work of art also showcases Kentucky’s four distinct seasons.

Rogers perfectly captures the peaceful stillness of a summer fog-covered river and the lulling rush of a waterfall, the brilliant splash of autumn foliage covering a rocky cliff, the stark contrast of a Kentucky Thoroughbred set against a snowy paddock, and the delicate reassurance of new life in the varied spring foliage across the state. Travelers will also get a sense of Kentucky’s industries as they view a collection of the state’s famous bourbons, a rusty coal tipple, or numerous equine events.

Each photograph is captioned with the county or region in which the shot was taken, and the book is divided into sections for each season.

After a 25-year career of shooting commercial and advertising work, Rogers claims he has found even more pleasure in focusing on the beauty of Kentucky. Born in the small town of Corinth, he still loves the places that are quaint and quiet. Though he and his wife enjoy traveling both domestically and internationally, Rogers says, “It is always good to come home to Kentucky.”

His hope for this book is that his readers’ hearts “would be filled with peace as (they) see the beauty of creation and gain awareness that this beauty is a gift from God.”
For more information, go to jeffrogersphoto.

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